Best Water Bottle with Filter

oko-h20-water-bottleWater, as we know, is the root of all life – you need it regardless of the activity that you are doing – even when you sit about the house not doing much you will feel thirsty at some point. It is no surprise then to see how far the water bottle has come – today, you will find a water filter bottle, a plastic bottle, aluminum and even stainless steel bottles. This makes it hard to decide which one you should go with. Most people choose one that looks cool and is affordable. You shouldn’t do this because there is more to choosing a bottle than you think.

To start with, water bottles with a filter may cost more but are worth every single dime that you spend on them. As the name suggests, these water filtration bottles have a cleaning system which means that the water that you take from them, even if it is from a contaminated source, is safe to drink. Such bottles are very handy in times of disasters when water sources may be compromised and also for people who like to hike or camp.

The other thing that you should consider is what you will be using the water bottle for. Different bottles are created for different activities. The kind that you buy for running, for instance, is designed for just that and it would look out of place in a working woman’s handbag who wants to take it into the office with her. Similarly, water bottles for backpackers usually come with accessories that allow them to be attached to the backpack and a straw that the backpacker can sip from. This way, his hands are free for more comfortable walking. Water bottles are usually adjusted to suit an activity so before you dive in and buy the first bottle that you come across consider utility.

The size of the bottle also matters and it is determined by the gender and also what you will be using the bottle for. Men drink about 3 liters of water a day while women drink about 2.2 liters. Most water bottles range between half a liter and a liter. If you will be doing strenuous activity you will need more rehydration so you need a bigger water bottle.

OKO H2O is one of the most reliable companies when it comes to portable water filtration systems. We have some of the best water bottles in the market and that are suited to a variety of needs. Be sure to purchase yours online today!


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